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Road Map to Wealth is a coast-to-coast network of financial advisors who specialize in pre- and post-retirement income planning. The RMTW team takes great pride in staying on top of the ever-changing financial landscape. With seemingly endless revisions to rules and regulations affecting social security, medicare, retirement and pension accounts our goal is to show how to make your retirement assets work harder – and safer – for both you and your family.

Our weekly radio show, Road Map to Wealth/Coast to Coast with Chuck Nilosek, presents timely topics about retirement income planning to a national audience in a casual yet comprehensive manner. We bring you the latest information on issues that can directly affect your personal retirement income plans. On the show you will learn about specific income planning strategies that you can adopt and which are derived from:

      • Pending and proposed financial regulation changes
      • Trending politics
      • Current events
      • Interviews with industry experts

We also broadcast a local version of our weekly radio show that shines the spotlight on financial advisors located directly within your community. These are knowledgeable professionals who are fully prepared to review your specific personal financial situation and make recommendations where needed.

So, listen to the Road Map to Wealth radio show. And contact your local financial advisor with your particular retirement planning questions. You’ll likely come away more informed about your own financial situation, and that’s always a good thing.

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Roth IRA vs. IRA: Exploring Your IRA OptionsLearn what each type of IRA has to offer so that you can get the most out of your retirement savings.




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Structured Settlement Buyers GuideStructured settlements have been around since Congress passed the Periodic Payment Settlement Tax Act of 1982. Since their incorporation in the IRS code their benefits have been enjoyed almost exclusively by larger financial organizations. This booklet describes how this has changed in recent years and how Structured Settlement Transfers can play an attractive role in your income planning strategy.
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